Julie McRae (Tandem Passenger) - Wings of Kilimanjaro WORLDSERVE INTERNATIONAL
Julie McRae (Tandem Passenger) - Wings of Kilimanjaro
Julie McRae (Tandem Passenger) - Wings of Kilimanjaro
Julie McRae (Tandem Passenger) - Wings of Kilimanjaro

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1334 days ago, Julie created this page and gave everything for WORLDSERVE INTERNATIONAL:

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My Story

When our son was forced to admit that the very rare weather event of February, 2013 had postponed WOK’s Paragliding Event (from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro), I made the decision that when if he ever repeated the climb, I would be there; "IF" it was going to be at all possible. Nothing could be harder I thought, than ‘watching’ it unfold thousands of kilometres away!

I needed to show my pride and confidence still, in the organisation of such a massive undertaking, for the world’s less fortunate; its philanthropic objectives very responsible for my inspiration to join.

Three and a half years later and with God at my side always, Kili, here I come!
By the lottery of birth, I acknowledge I have been truly blessed to have been born in Australia, with healthy family members, and, along the way, blessed too, to have made several really special friendships, none of whom I take for granted.

Now I feel it’s time for me to give back…
I am hoping, with the necessary fitness training and the climb to the top of Africa, to be able to inspire anyone out there with a heart for Africa to please contemplate assisting me and The Wings of Kilimanjaro team. Please help us to bring about change in Tanzania, through clean water and education projects.

Our USA charity partner, World Serve International, will NOT be taking any administration fees from all our money raised. WOK continues to be the only International Charity Event I know of where 100% of money raised make it to the charity causes on the ground.

Please would you consider giving what you can. Even if it is only a few dollars, it will help to change lives. $10 alone will help bring permanent clean water to a Tanzanian for life.

Having seen the impacts of WOK’s humanitarian work first hand - being present at the official opening of the Wings of Kilimanjaro Primary School in the Maasai region of Simanjiro , I look so forward to taking a much more personal part in the next stage of ‘WOK Charity Projects’.
God bless you richly for your sacrificial giving to this worthy Project , that I am so humbled to be a part of.


Thank You

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